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About the project

Austrian company Internorm is one of the leading companies in the field of production and sales of doors and windows in Europe.
The Doordesigner application allows potential customers to choose a product from the Internorm product catalog, when buying a door. It also allows them to visualize the selected door, using a photo of their own house or some of the predefined images inside the application. In addition, the users can configure colors and door elements by combining multiple options, and adapt the final product to the dimensions of their own house. Additionally, the Doordesigner application allows the user to share the selected product via social networks or email as well as to print it. One of the key features of the Doordesigner application is sending the request to the Internom sales partners, in order to improve the ordering process. Through the application, the user can view the nearest sales partners and information about them. 
The Doordesigner is web-based, with full support for mobile and the other portable devices. It's multilingual, and it supports adding new the languages (translations). It's fully configurable and it has a modern user-friendly interface. Apart from the front end, it also consists of a background logic which allows the admins to view and analyze data.

Client: Internorm GmbH, Austria

Domain: Housing, House design

Scope of work: Detailed planning, database design, development, maintenance, infrastructure configuration: domain, SVN and bugtrack installation and configuration with domain authentication, smaller scale network configuration, IIS server installation and configuration

Tools: NetBeans, Jira, SVN

Technologies: PHP (Custom MVC Framework), HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, Oracle Database

Total project size: 1.5 years

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