Short term reporting system

Category: Web applications

About the project

Vodéna is an innovative IT company established as a research spin-off from the Faculty of Science, University of Kragujevac, Serbia. Their enterprise offers university-strength research, data analysis, computer modeling, and optimization, all integrated through flexible and efficient software applications.
Short term reporting system is web-based tool, whose purpose is analysis of data and behavior of the system in the past period. The tool consists of multiple components for graphical data display, such as custom charts and 3D visualization. Front-end part of the project was developed by QPO Soft, while calculations results and the other data was retrieved using Rest APIs and SOA principles. Angular and Bootstrap were chosen technologies. Testing server and automated builds were enabled for the client.

Client: Vodéna D.O.O, Serbia

Domain: Hydropower industry

Scope of work: Development, Continuous integration, Manual testing

Tools: Git, Visual Studio Code, Yarn, Jeknins, Redmine

Technologies: Angular, Bootstrap, SOA

Total project size: 3 months